• Posted on 2013/04/09 10:45

    The AV-TEST Institute has published the first results of its testing of Windows 8 virus scanners. Throughout January and February 2013, the Germany-based virus lab tested nine antivirus programs for corporate networks and 26 for home users. The institute based its results for private users and businesses on three categories: protection, performance and usability. According to AV-TEST, the average "0 day" protection rate of all of the programs increased from 92 per cent in a previous test for Windows 7 to 95 per cent for Windows 8. AV-TEST gave the operating system's own Windows Defender a score of 11.5 points; most of the other programs scored higher (green: usability, orange: performance, blue: protection) Source: AV-Test Institute None of the security features in Windows 8 were disabled during the tests; the Windows SmartScreen filter also stayed on, unless a test candidate deactivated it. The testers considered Windows Defender, the program included with Windows 8, to be basic protection against

  • Posted on 2013/04/09 10:30

    The Cutwail botnet, which has already been spreading the banking trojan known as Zeus, is now also trying to pass around a new Android trojan called Stels. Stels infects Android devices by pretending to be an update for Adobe Flash Player. In case potential victims aren't on an Android device, the developers of the malware have come up with a backup plan – if the dangerous spam links are opened in a browser, such as Internet Explorer, on a desktop or laptop computer, users are redirected to web pages where the Blackhole exploit kit lies in wait. A security team at Dell has published a more detailed analysis of the attack scenario. According to the analysis, the attacks start with spam emails claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service, the tax agency in the US. If a user clicks on the link in the email, a script investigates whether

  • Posted on 2013/04/09 10:10

    from the there-should-be-blood dept. Rackspace has come out fighting against one of the U.S.'s most notorious patent trolls, Parallel Iron. The cloud services firm said it's totally fed up with trolls of all kinds, which have caused a 500 percent rise in its legal bills. Rackspace was last week named among 12 firms accused of infringing Parallel Iron's Hadoop Distributed File System patents. Rackspace is now counter-suing the troll, as the firm said it has a deal in place with Parallel Iron after signing a previous patent settlement with them.

  • Posted on 2013/04/08 12:45

    from the coming-soon dept. Both Viking and Micron plan to ship cards that combine DRAM and NAND flash on a standard DDR3 DIMM. The cards will have twice as much NAND flash as volatile memory. For example, the non-volatile DIMMs will come in capacities ranging from 4GB of DRAM to 16GB and 8GB of flash to 32GB of flash. Micron also sees its NVDIMM card being used as a storage tier, as cache for RAID systems, system check pointing, full system persistence, data logging, de-duplication and fast access to metadata. Without providing specifics, Viking said the NVDIMM cards will cost roughly a few hundred dollars each, more than a standard DDR3 DIMM module but still inexpensive enough for server and storage admins to consider for boosting application performance.

  • Posted on 2013/04/08 11:07

    Early last year, I started renting a desk at Studiomates while working remotely for Adobe. With the majority of mates either running their own companies or freelancing, I felt the itch to follow suit. This feeling has been with me ever since I first started working for someone else. I knew that one day it would be too much to bear. I sat down with Tina Roth Eisenberg and discussed my dream of being on my own, as well as my nightmares of making the initial jump. (I start to make sense of the memories of everyone in the pool already, yelling for me to join, while I cautiously dip my toe in the water.) She asked me, "What is holding you back the most?" Hands-down, it was my fear of not having that initial project to get me off to a running start. Without this, I would never find