Posted on July 26, 2013 3:41 pm

Website Development

What does a website cost?

We build websites for $500 – $32,000.   What’s the difference?   Your needs – Our time & effort.

In all cases, your project will be custom-quoted to reflect your exact needs.

All sites are built on WordPress, and include editor-level access to edit and update content throughout the site. The level of customization is limited only by your imagination (and your budget).


  • Get Online

    $500Avg Production Time: 2 weeks
    5 Pages Loaded & Styled
    You Can Create Unlimited Pages
    Basic Theme Customization
    Basic Social Media Integration
    1 Custom Contact Form
    Photo Galleries
    Access to Training Videos

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  • Next Step

    $2,500Avg Production Time: 3-5 weeks
    +4 Hours Theme Customization
    More Pages Loaded & Styled
    Featured Content Slider
    Additional Custom Contact Forms
    Auto-Post to Facebook
    Basic Payment Form(s)
    1 Hour Online Training

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  • Grown Up

    $6,200Avg Production Time: 5-7 weeks
    Site Architecture Consultation
    Project Management
    +8 Hours Theme Customization
    Animated Content Slider
    Basic E-Commerce
    Custom Post Types
    Interactive Calendar
    Restricted Content Areas (Membership)
    2-3 Hour Online Training

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  • Industry Leading

    $16,000Avg Production Time: 6-10 weeks
    Site Architecture Strategy & Implementation
    Dedicated Project Management
    Customized Unique Theme
    Large Volumes of Content
    Complex Custom Features
    Advanced E-Commerce
    Real-World User Testing
    Priority Production Scheduling
    Full-Day On-Site Training



These “packages” are meant to give you an idea of what a website might cost with a given set of features. The names come from what we see are the stages of maturity of any business’s website:

  • First, you just need to just “Get Online“.
  • Then you’re looking for the “Next Step“.  This is often the “learning phase” of your website, when your users & customers are telling you what they need, and you react to satisfy those needs.
  • Once your business and website has reached a certain level of maturity, it’s time to move beyond the bare necessities of getting online, and the adolescence of on-the-fly additions. You are ready for a “Grown Up” website – typically this means a “tear down and rebuild” approach, but often many features and much of the content are carried forward.
  • Finally, as a well-established and successful business with clearly defined needs based on iterative cycles of customer feedback and testing, it is time to build an “Industry Leading” website.  This website takes aim at the highest competition amongst your peers.  With feature functionality, visual design, and overall user-experience, the goal is to be so good it attracts the highest form of flattery – imitation.

There is no “magic formula” to tell how fast a business might move through these stages – nor is the journey always linear.

Ongoing Costs

Every website needs ongoing attention. Our Professionally Managed WordPress plans mirror these same stages of maturity.

What’s Next?

Let us know what you’re thinking by filling out our Idea Form. We will get in touch with you right away to keep the ball rolling.