Posted on November 28, 2012 10:06 am

Payments Policy

If you pay your invoice on time, we sincerely thank you, and there is no need for you to read further.

We believe our agreement with you is simple — we will diagnose and repair your technical computer issues within a reasonable amount of time, all we ask is that you pay us your invoice within 48 hours of receipt of invoice.

Invoicing:  We will send you an invoice within three days of completed repair work.  We will send the invoice to the e-mail address specified by you or in person.  If the e-mail bounces, we will attempt to contact you by other means.  If the e-mail does not bounce, we will know you received it. Our online web invoices record access times and IP addresses.  We will be able to monitor if an invoice has been viewed or paid.

Due date:  Payments are due either upon receipt of invoice or within 48 hours of printed invoice date.  A grace period of 14 days will be available upon request. (Certain Maintenance Service Agreements we provide allow for Reoccuring Payments, late payments are subject to additional card processing fees) Unless your invoice specifies Net 15, Net 30, Net 60, or Consignment the number indicates the amount of days agreed upon date to remit payment.  Unless otherwise printed on your invoice, all Invoices are “Due Upon Receipt”.

Late payments:  If we have not received your payment within 48 hours of issuance of the invoiced date, we will send you a reminder.  If we have not received your payment after the invoice past due date, we will issue a late fee of $10 or 6%(whichever is more) of the total due on the printed invoice.   Also, we will add a $10 late payment fee to your next invoice.  The minimum late payment fee is $10.00.  The purpose is to defray the costs associated with collecting late payments.

Credit card payments declined:  We use multiple Credit Card Payment Processors. Intuit PaymentNetwork, Square, and PayPal. You will notice a charge in your billing records by “SNXConsult”. If your payment fails to Approve after a 2nd attempt, we will attempt a third attempt the following day.  If all attempts fail, additional late fee(s) will be added to your bill.

Late payment (2nd occurrence in a six-month period):  We will stop shipping your orders for you.  If you send orders to us, we will cancel the orders and report them back to you as an ERROR status.  This is a fatal error–if you want the orders shipped in the future after you pay your invoice, you must send the orders to us again.

Late payment (3rd occurrence in a 12-month period):  We will require prepayment for all orders for a six-month period.

Non-payment:  If you refuse to pay us, or do not respond to our e-mails, we will make every effort to collect the debt.  As a reminder, you have agreed that all costs we incur associated with collecting debts, including attorneys’ fees and court costs, will be paid by you.


Rev. A10.12